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TWENTY-SIXTH TALK           535

to serve yet, because et foolishness, do more* harm
than good. That is the result of the lack of know-
ledge. tc Let me have perfect knowledge; then I
can really serve w^ll."

On whatever line you may be, you will have this
streak of Service, which is itself a line of which those
others are sub-divisions; and so in each of these there
is the sub-division of devoting oneself to Service. At
any rate it is that sub-division of Service, it is that line
of activity which we all ought to be taking. Why
should we take that line more than any other ? It is
because these Great Ones take it. That is most empha-
tically Their line. The Master Jesus is very empha-
tically the Head of all true devotees, and yet you will
find that His reaching is also activity. The Head of
all the Wisdom in the World, and of those who are
aiming at it, is the Lord Buddha. But if you read
the Noble Eight-Fold Path, you will find that one of
the steps of the Path is Right Exertion. He will
tell you very plaiply that merely to study and dream
about the attainment of Wisdom is useless. You
must be doing something useful; for only in that way
can you hope to attain.

So we shall wish to become one with God, not
merely that we may be one with Him and bask, as it
were, in all that glory and in all that joy, but we want
to be one with Him that we may act as He does ;

and His great action, you know, was to pour Himself
out in utmost self-sacrifice into matter, in order that